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Want to learn something new? Wanna help me help all of us!
Maybe you are a company wanting to understand and align your business with the future market… I have something for you guys as well about innovation and the bull of technology so disregard the following text. Maybe you are a celebrity wanting to understand spirituality or a money person with desire to fast track what it’s all about. I can help you. Buy a week, a month or recurring sessions with me and I’ll teach you of everything I know and the education I have received. I have years of experience from a plant medicine retreat center and is a certified Shipibo curandero. I’ll take you through various ceremonies such as Kambô, Sananga, Rapé, Breathwork, Vapor Baths but also plant medicine and lectures about Dieta, Soplar, Vision Discernment, Fasting, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), Vomitivos, Remedies, Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR), Clarity, Authentic Relating, Pipe Diets, Crossings, Opening and Closing rituals, Energetic Protection, Cycles, Shintana, Plant Baths, Splicing, Cords, Feeding Demons, Contraindications, Sustainability, Integration, Kitchen Activities, innovation in general and Adaptogens to mention a handful.

Every penny excluding covering expenses and a little personal security is added to the funds of project ø ø ø ø.


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