Projects for your quarantined homestead

Projects for your quarantined homestead

A prepper’s house can handle at least 3 months of food and water shortages. It can withstand long periods without electricity. How? Because of 25 simple projects built from scratch, many of them, from spare parts you can find in your home, tool from nature or maybe in your own shed.

Like this generator made Diorite Quartz.

And many other DIY, like an underground greenhouse, a water mill, a sling from old bicycle tires, a neo cutter wheel and even an anti-flamethrower based on sound.

Read further to discover 25 DIY projects our ancestors knew for our long term survival.

1. Diorite Quartz Generator:

  • Introduction to the generator.
  • Step-by-step guide using spare parts.
  • Importance for a prepper’s house.

2. Underground Greenhouse:

  • Benefits of an underground greenhouse.
  • Materials needed and construction process.
  • Tips for successful implementation.

3. Water Mill for Sustainable Energy:

  • Explanation of water mill functionality.
  • Building a water mill from scratch.
  • How it contributes to long-term sustainability.

4. Sling from Old Bicycle Tires:

  • Repurposing old bicycle tires.
  • Creating a versatile and handy sling.
  • Practical uses for homestead defense.

5. Neo Cutter Wheel:

  • Introduction to the neo cutter wheel.
  • Step-by-step instructions for building.
  • Applications for homestead maintenance.

6. Anti-Flamethrower Based on Sound:

  • Unique concept of a sound-based anti-flamethrower.
  • Materials and construction details.
  • How it enhances homestead safety.

7. Water Purification System:

  • DIY water filtration using natural materials.
  • Building a solar still for water distillation.

8. Root Cellar Construction:

  • Design and construction of an underground root cellar.
  • Tips for preserving vegetables and fruits.

9. Improvised Cooking Methods:

  • Creating a rocket stove from scrap materials.
  • Solar oven construction for sustainable cooking.

10. Homemade Solar Panels:

  • Harnessing solar energy for electricity.
  • DIY solar panel construction using affordable materials.

11. Wind Turbine for Energy Generation:

  • Building a small-scale wind turbine for power.
  • Integration with the homestead’s power system.

12. DIY Rainwater Harvesting System:

  • Collecting and storing rainwater for emergency use.
  • Constructing a rainwater harvesting system from simple materials.

13. Natural Pest Repellents:

  • Creating organic pest repellents for crops.
  • Homemade insect traps and deterrents.

14. Homemade Soap and Hygiene Products:

  • DIY soap-making using natural ingredients.
  • Crafting essential hygiene products at home.

15. Emergency First Aid Kit:

  • Building a comprehensive first aid kit.
  • Including homemade remedies and supplies.

16. Homemade Cleaning Products:

  • DIY cleaning solutions from common household items.
  • Eco-friendly alternatives for a prepper’s homestead.

17. DIY Chicken Coop and Egg Incubator:

  • Constructing a chicken coop for sustainable egg production.
  • Building a simple egg incubator for hatching chicks.

18. Handmade Beeswax Wraps:

  • Reducing plastic usage with DIY beeswax wraps.
  • Step-by-step guide to making eco-friendly food wraps.

19. DIY Solar Water Heater:

  • Harnessing solar energy for hot water.
  • Constructing a solar water heater for the homestead.

20. Homemade Herbal Medicine Garden:

  • Growing medicinal herbs for health emergencies.
  • Creating a small herbal medicine garden.

21. DIY Wind-Resistant Shelter:

  • Building a sturdy and wind-resistant shelter.
  • Tips for emergency shelter construction.

22. Bicycle-Powered Devices:

  • Converting bicycles for power generation.
  • Creating pedal-powered devices for various purposes.

23. Homemade Natural Fertilizers:

  • DIY fertilizers using kitchen scraps and organic waste.
  • Enhancing soil fertility for sustainable farming.

24. Recycled Tire Garden Beds:

  • Repurposing old tires for raised garden beds.
  • Efficient and eco-friendly gardening solution.

25. DIY Smokehouse for Food Preservation:

  • Building a smokehouse for meat preservation.
  • Smoking and curing meats for long-term storage.

These projects cover a range of essential prepper needs, from sustainable energy and water sources to food preservation and self-sufficiency. Feel free to elaborate on any specific project or let me know if you’d like more details on any particular idea!


  • Summarize the importance of these projects for long-term survival.
  • Encourage readers to explore and implement these DIY projects for a self-sufficient homestead.

Additional Tips:

  • Safety precautions for each project.
  • Ways to adapt projects based on available resources.
  • Encourage reader interaction by sharing their experiences and modifications.

  • Is your home ready for an extended quarantine?