Sacred Ceremony – Sananga

In today’s world, where big pharma dominates Western medicine, some people prefer to turn to natural or holistic remedies for their mental difficulties or physical illnesses. Even though these types of remedies are not regulated, different groups of people who have used the preparations are willing to offer their opinions on whether they believe the medicine has worked for them. If you’re curious about Sananga or you are considering using it, you likely have questions. To help, here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have about Sananga.



What is Sananga?

Sananga is a natural medicine traditionally used by many tribes of the Amazon and in Africa for helping heal spiritual and physical ailments. In a spiritual sense, the Amazonians use Sananga to clear their minds of distraction bringing clarity and focus to the forefront. Sananga is also used in eye drop form to enhance vision.


What is Sananga Typically Used For?

Typically, Sananga eye drops are used by indigenous tribes to improve night vision while hunting and for the treatment and prevention of glaucoma, cataracts and near-sightedness. But they also use it for a wide range of other ailments, such as arthritis, infections, skin disease and cancer. The tribes also believe in the medicine’s ability to treat feelings of anxiety, depression or other negative energies, which, in turn, helps balance the chakras.


What Are Some Other Ways You Can Use Sananga?

Other suggested uses of Sananga are before meditating or activities requiring concentration or detailed focus. You can also use it after electronic device usage and before sleep to clear your mind. Sananga has been found to improve day and night vision, promote clarity, strengthen intuition, support dreaming and stimulate energy.


What Kind of Benefits Can You Get From Sananga?

People report feeling more present and grounded within themselves after using Sananga. They also describe a calm and relaxed focus, but at the same time, report experiencing a flow of steady energy. Heightened perception and sharpened vision are also benefits of Sananga. Amazonian tribes are known to use Sananga before a hunt to sharpen their visual senses and assist them in their hunt.

Antimicrobial: Studies show that Tabernaemontana pachysiphon and Tabernaemontana angulata, found in sananga, are effective in treating skin infections because of its antimicrobial properties.

Antifungal: Tabernaemontana stapfiana is effective in preventing fungal growth.

Antioxidant: Tabernaemontana genus also has strong antioxidant properties which play a critical role in preventing age-related ocular problems.

Anti-inflammatory: Tabernaemontana pandacaqui has anti-inflammatory effects used for treating arthritis.

Anti-cancer: Study shows that Tabernaemontana species, specifically the Tabernaemontana elegans is an effective killer of certain types of cancer cells. (Google Scholar)

The active principle of sananga is ibogaine which is a psychoactive alkaloid and mild stimulant in small doses, but can induce a profound psychedelic state if used in larger doses.

Apart from ibogaine, several other alkaloids, such as coronaridine, quebrachidine, heyneanine, 3-hydroxycoronaridine, ibogamine and voacangine are believed to also be contained in sananga. All of these alkaloids have powerful psychoactive effects and can exert strong antibiotic effects.


Where Does Sananga Come From?

Sananga originates from a shrub native to Africa and the upper Amazon. The use of Sananga is tradition in the linage of the Shipibo, Kaxinawás, Matsés and Yawanawá tribes. Sananga carries the scientific name of Tabernaemontana undulata. Typically the bark root of the shrub is harvested and ground into a fine powder. Then, the powder is strained multiple times until a juice or extract is yielded. The strength of the solution will depend on the potency of the shrub and by the concentration it was made.


How Do You Apply Sananga?

Sananga is only meant to be used when you are in a quiet environment with a calm mind, and you are able to focus on what you would like the medicine to do for you. So it’s important to ensure you will be uninterrupted before you decide to use the medicine. It is recommended that you practice deep, calm and steady breathing during the treatment as well. Here are the general instructions for using Sananga eye drops.

To begin, you might want to lie down. Then, apply only one drop per eye, immediately, one after the other. You will likely feel a strong burning or prickly sensation, but those side effects should subside within a few minutes at most. Continue breathing deeply and focusing your mind on what you want the medicine to do for you. Afterward, you may find that you are more sensitive to light than usual, which can last for up to 30 minutes.


Other Helpful Information

Using Sananga is a way to step outside of your comfort zone and endure something that might be a bit unpleasant at first with the end goal of accomplishing some sort of healing or growth that’s important to you. Just as with any other type of natural medication, you should be careful when using it and take the time to educate yourself on any contraindications and cautions involved with its use.

People who have facilitate Sananga recommend taking it for a designated period of time, up to six weeks, and then discontinuing use for at least a couple of weeks before beginning the regimen again to allow your eyes time to rest.

Additionally, Sananga can be used in conjunction with other recommended holistic preparations.