Become a Protector

Buy a green conscious.

Help us, help all of us for as little as 300 DKK (40€) you secure 20 m2 of untouched Danish forest.

Nature is in decline and a healthy bio-diverse integrated forest is our rescue plan. Without rich green acres there is no chance for survival for rare and specialized species. We lack forests that are left to themselves and embraced only by animals and large mammals such as horses. Animals help create light-open forests that host for example wood fungi, orchids, deer, owls and predators. If you want to act accountable but don’t know how help us as a lightworkers, help you. We will act accountable for natures well being while sharing gained knowledge with everybody. With this page you can now directly support a virtual geo-engineering test station that focus on sustainable acres in Denmark and around the world by selecting and donating a small sum to our variety of purposes.

Cultured acres:

Without natural access to water the abundance of animal life is impossible. Today farmland is artificially drained to remove puddles and slippery hillsides. Those hills are furthermore planned to create leveled farmland elsewhere and to make room for bigger machines. This is not sustainable. Our dedicated staff works to identify areas where we have the biggest impact—locations are always vetted by Michael Toudal personally to ensure work fit is best-in-class. Bees, dragonflies and mosquitoes will be among the invited residents to be seen or heard around the test station acres. Earth is in the center of everything and our mother is in grave pain. God believed in us. Let’s prove we can live in harmony by creating heaven. Only if we stand together do we have a chance. Acre development will be streamed here soon enough.

Our intention is to enable nature through technology looking at nature from nature’s perspective with considerations to laws of freedom to roam. With this purpose as law the media can hold us accountable.

Through this anti-machiavellian shop island program, we allow you to make a donation to help change the world or at least give where it reaches nature and is needed the most. Then we let our mother do her work. ¿What is your purpose? ¡In Ø ø ø ø Land think we know! We are land orca, stupid and our ways leave us heading for disaster.

Plus, 100% of your gift reaches the intended purpose you choose.

Thank you for Giving Where it Matters.