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You need my help

Just as I need your help. My idea is not new, it is old, very old. I cannot stress how important it is to implement a sustainable change in our ways. Maybe your judgment is that everything is hunky-dory but really, look around, look deeper, see and feel the beauty of nature. Nobody compares to our Mother and she is suffering. We will always be winning until we will not but the current turn of events gives me hope. We can do this. We can do this if we do it together. I am just one human being, standing apart, standing in a silent scream on behalf of nature and animals. I root for a more simplistic way of addressing our lives and the way we interact with each other. In the early spring people pluck flowers to post on social media not considering the fact that it is the food of animals, crucial for our own existence and as the lemmings we are.. ten others think oh that’s a great way to bring attention to their timeline as attention and material abundance makes us “happy”. So all do the same yet forget to “fix” the garden. Two months later it seems overwhelming and unmanageable so the greens are sprayed with poison to make it look neat and pretty for plain eyes. In this situation I propose to use your hands! Get a little dirt under your nails or do nothing at all and perceive the beauty of a little chaos with all the bewildering and perplexing life it brings about. Be baffled. I beg of you. If you cannot make the change in your life. Help me, help you.

Microbotics and Arduino

It will take a decade to create the first prototype robot but it will be open source. You will own my invention so your contribution is basically investing in yourself and the generations to come. I am not saying I am better than anyone of you but I do say I have an idea and a plan how to implement it. Finn Helmer and I tested a few of the geoengineering concepts, we even created a big lake. Earlier I worked with crows to test if they were willing and they were, but I need your help. I’m broke. I am in at the deep end. I have invested everything in the name of love and building anew and it did not go well. Otherwise I would not be writing this post. This is my cry for help. Twice in my life, school teachers have pointed to me as the most likely to succeed. Look at me now. I live in a tiny trailer in a desolate spot on a tiny island not being able to provide anything to my tribe and family other than love. I can live with that but it is killing me I cannot promise them and their children a biodiverse planet. Even though I know pain is temporary, pain has become my way of life as it has lasted forever. I cannot remember anything different. Last time I ran into depression I became an expat under the cover of taking care of my best friends dog while they were in Singapore. I lived under the sun in Barcelona, Spain. That really helped me but a lifetime in jail in Denmark is eight years and jail time, in many ways, would provide me with a higher quality of life that the roughness of my now, everyday.

Inventing for all of us

I am an inventor and a creator. Years ago I had lots of money and was actually able to move to Africa to make a thing or two but serendipity and circumstances wanted it otherwise. Still I did not waste my money away but I did not invest them right either because I/O Scripts is not a profitable business. As such, my now is very different from what I have been trying to manifest. I will have a lump sum payout in 2028 for my previous healty business exit but in the current moment, all my money’s gone as such, I am super rich in my now but money poor. I have not had a decent salary for years. If it is God’s will I will take a job but having a day job will crush my will to work for all of us and I will normalize my way of thinking. That will, I believe, bring about a certain bitterness to my soul that I have only identified once in another person and that was my own father. Since childhood I was nudged to take this very different road. I did not realize how rough the journey as a lighthealer would be. I cannot change the past. I don’t even want to but trying to break through getting a handful of blog shares, shipping the simple concept of creating for all of us has been devastating. Look me into my eyes. Do you even see me. I see you and even feel you. I awoke long time ago. Not many people know the real me as I am a chameleon. Some even say they have me figured out after hanging out with me a week. I am okay with that. Let’s just be happy where we are all while making sure we do our best to improve ourselves. Let us try to be supers. Be the super and do what you can to help the øøøø project fly. Make it your mission to push something profound into existence. Help me. Help me help you. Do not write a self promotion paragraph about how you purchase bamboo toothbrushes, your new solar panel roof or that you purchased a Tesla to “go” green. It is mockery of people like me and I am not alone.

What is currency? What is the value of water in €? None until you have none, then water is priceless.

What is the project all about

On my other computer, now in storage at a friends place, I have done a lot of drawings in a 3D image manipulation program. These drawings, I realize, would have helped this blog but instead of waiting for the lock-down to cease so I can present you the imagery I will just describe some of my thoughts. I cannot tell you the best of my ideas as several of my concepts and designs has, in the past, been permanently “borrowed” by huge companies, dear friends and even a girlfriend to be implemented and monetized. Instead of glorifying what-ever I’m not telling I’m just gonna go ahead in bullet form to make it easier to comprehend what I am up to, so here goes:

  • One food forest acre provides more and better food than an acre of conventional farming
  • We need to build winter gardens at least six feet deep, preferably double down that
  • Animals really want to help
  • There is a lot of people who would couchsurf such a venue – to spread the idea globally
  • We need to store all the rain we can
  • Biodiversity within each acre is crucial e.g. mosquitoes are the base food for mostly every carnivore
  • Every acre will be real time projected in facebook virtual reality
  • The history of everything within each acre is recorded – super surveillance
  • 3D acres are to animals and insects pretty fucking far from the deathtraps of conventional 2D deserts
  • Mosses are important
  • Simple things like the difference in color creates energy
  • Microturbines for decentralized energy powering in-the-forest gadets
  • Living in a winter garden is far more nourishing and healthy environment than surrounded by concrete

So now you go this far, if you would like to support us visit our shop section by clicking this link





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