Vision of Øøøø.org

Our mission statement defines our company’s business, objectives and approach to reach those objectives. Our vision statement describes our desired future position of the company. Elements of mission and vision statements combined provide a statement of company purposes, goals and values.

Vision Statement

Øøøø.org is a trust fund aimed at assisting gifted individuals to further develop symbiotic life and infinite nature
Øøøø.org supports peace keeping projects, biodiversity on Earth and life value improvements
Øøøø.org supports visions that need to become reality for the common good of everyone
Øøøø.org bridges the gap between material and spiritual thinking
Øøøø.org provides the launching pad for innovative projects
Øøøø.org provides insight to promote transformative and productive collaboration
Øøøø.org provides continuous back-up for long term heart projects
Øøøø.org offers to finance fully committed individuals in their unique domains
Øøøø.org funds creation of open source and public domain intellectual capital


Mission Statement

Øøøø.org was founded to soften down global inequality by providing easy access to homegrown food anywhere on Earth. We create community software, invent DIY designs for robots and solve forest farming issues through necessary automation to maintain a stable crop required to be served in healthy home cooked meals.

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